Apr 102014


For those who know me personally, would know that Photography is not actually my day job. I do have a day job by the way!. I deal with drilling rigs. Since I graduated all I knew was how to run a rig, I would eat, drink, talk and dream rigs and in the process it took me around the world, starting from Oman, and as far as Huston, USA and in between, France Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. So yes, I just didnt deal with Rigs which are on Lands only, I also worked on those  were in the middle of the Sea, be it China or Indonesian Sea.

I started off as a painter, worker, toilet cleaner, carrier and steel pusher and I worked myself up all the way to a CEO of one of the best, biggest local Drilling company in Oman (Gulf Drilling MB Petroleum).


And despite all this, one thing is for sure, certain and  doesn’t change, its all about the people, its them that makes a difference, and its always fascinate me when I visit the rigs to see my people, to listen to their sorrow and complain, or just to sit with them and have a friendly chat. Quit simply, its them that makes all this worth while.

Last but not least, it doesnt matter what you do, so long you have the passion, you could excell in anything and you can always make the time for it. The only showstopper is yourself












  9 Responses to “At the Rig Site”

  1. Salim you did a great job. Indeed, a huge achievement. Your road was tough, but you did an excellent job. You never lost your faith and courage, which eventually brought you to success.

    Mashallah I love the photos are beautiful.

    • Thank you Asma. Like I said, it’s all about having the passion for something, be it photography or your own work. Eventually you will succeed there is no other way about it. With Allah grace ofcourse

  2. Thank you very much for taking us through your career life! Indeed you deserve a patt omn back. Its not easy job but ypu made it to the high level! Thank you. Pls what qualification do you need in order to work in the rig?
    Thank you for your inspirational story!

    • Thank you Laila for your kind word. In my company a minimum of high school degree to enter to this business. But ofcourse to have better chance in management position a degree and even Masters is required

  3. Hats off to you captain I am a regular viewer of your post and from last few months I am trying to attend your class though but its just am so much tied up with my work but INSHA ALLAH soon will get a chance to learn from you about your camera tricks .
    I never miss your posts I follow you in instagram also (dadublew) and that gives me an opportunity to learn from every single click you post on your wall.

  4. Salaams Br. Salim: So nice to know more of you and your life, and especially in photos! May Allaah t’ala make both your professional and personal life a success. Ameen. I’m still trying to get to Oman one day. Insha Allaah!

    • Thank you Sister Saffiya, nice to see you around after long time. Thank you again and you are welcome to Oman anytime and you would be my guest. Just let me know when you are coming

  5. My son would like to learn ? How can arrange time & places

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