Apr 122014
Leica X2

Leica X2

I would like to thank the students of 12th April. It was indeed my pleasure to be part of this amazing group. And I hope you all enjoyed the class as much as I did.

Leica X2

Leica X2



  12 Responses to “Class of 12th April, Thank you”

  1. A very informative session. Loads of facts discovered….loads of myths busted……. Thanks for the mentoring and hospitality !!!

    • Lol nice one Sujith, I like the mythh busted comment. Thank you for your kind word and I am happy that you enjoyed the class

  2. When I started making photo on my digital cam, I found it complicated and sometimes the camera act funny. But after sitting in this session….I really found it was not the camera that’s acting funny….it’s me. Thank you soo much Salim for taking me from taking a picture to making a picture. I really value this session a lot. Thanks once again dear.

    • Kurian, words like these that makes me want to do more. Than you again, and I am happy that you found the class informative

  3. I have been accused for suffering from GAS and I have always felt guilty about spending money on equipment. Salim dragging me through fundamentals in all simplicity has strengthened my resolve to make every baiza spent on photography stand up and count. Thank you Salim for an enjoyable and productive session.

    • Thank you Reg. And that what my intention, is to understand the fundamentals and to make it easy as much as possible. Glad you found it helpful

  4. This was my first introduction to the world of photography and needless to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your class made the concepts really simple. In addition to being a great photographer, you are an excellent teacher too. I am definitely going to make use of the concepts you taught us today. Thanks a ton. Will be in touch.

  5. It’s an honor for me to be among of your student with a great team work that I have met. Thank u dear Salim for the great useful course.. U been a good lecturer 🙂

  6. Hi Salim,

    You are a great teacher! And the class was fun. Thank you for paving our way to the right direction.
    Its the practicality and simplicity of your thoughts amazed me a lot. wow

    I hope others should not hesitate in enrolling this class. In my opinion, attending this class is a way of investing for you to learn and appreciate the art of photography. And probably increase your interest of
    the digital camera that you´re holding right now.

    -see you again-

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