Apr 302014

Number 1: I took this picture last weekend in Mutrah. I woke up 4am and drove from Seeb to Mutrah to catch the sunrise over there and I am happy that I finally did. I was planning this since long time but 4am is a very inconvenient time 😉
workflow: RAW: clarity, temperature; then photoshop: contrasts, color balance and saturation (using ND8 filter during shooting)


Number 2: This picture was taken at the beach between Hasik and Shuwaymiah (I hope this is spelled correctly). I discovered this beach by chance when my co-pilot gave me wrong directions on the way from Duqm to Salmiah. I loved this place so much that one week later I went on my own. Since it was Khareef season and all accommodation were booked I even slept in the car just to get the early morning light at this spot.
workflow: panorama stitched from 6 vertical RAW images, then photoshop: contrasts and sharpen (no adjustment on color or saturation)

Number 3: This picture was taken on the same trip. I went further that day to Wadi Darbath. Coming there I was shocked about the crowd I found there. So I decided to walk a bit into the Wadi. Away from the people I reached this place after 2 hrs walking, crossing waters, climbing slippery rocks…I choose this picture since it is one of the most ‘unreal’ spots I would have expected to find in Oman. For me this looks as if I was travelling to New Zealand for the weekend. I should mention that it took me more than 2 weeks to recover from swollen legs and arms because of Mosquito bites. But is was definitely worth it!
workflow: panorama stitched from 4 vertical RAW files, then photoshop: sharpen and contrasts

Number 4: This picture was taken in Wadi Al Hoquain. This one is my personal favorite. Again I went on my own trying to find a way into Jebel Shams. I realized quickly that my small Mazda won’t be able to help me out over there. So with a whole day almost gone I decided to catch the last light of the day in Al Hoquain (someone told me about the place and it was easy to find by road signs) Unfortunately I lost my lens hod when taking this picture. The camera fas not properly fixed…shifted down and hit against the tripod. The lens hod came off and fell into the water. Unfortunately it was flowing that fast that after 3 minutes running after it I had to give up. It took me 1.5 months to get a new one since there are no stores in Muscat selling them 🙁
workflow: RAW: clarity; then photoshop: contrasts (I might have used a ND8 filter when shooting but I am not sure any more)


Number 5: This last one I took just a few weeks back on my next attempt to enter Jebel Shams with my small Mazda 🙂 And finally I was successful!!! There is no story to tell about this other than I was so happy to have found this amazing place. The day was simply perfect with this fantastic clouds throwing shadows over the mountains. If I would have had more than a t-shirt I would have spend much more time. But it was sooo cold compared to Muscat, brrrrrr 🙂
workflow: RAW: clarity; then photoshop: contrasts

So,…Mr. Salim, I believe I took now lots of your time. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity and considering my work. I wish you a wonderful day and hope to hear from you some time.

Kind regards.



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  12 Responses to “Photo Essay #6 By Uwe Richter”

  1. Uwe, you ve done an incredibly amazing job! waking up early morning and the mospito bites have all payed back! congratulation and keep up the good work! very fascinating efforts

  2. Thank you so much Leila! and of course Thank you Mr Salim for sharing my work!

  3. Great landscape shots, Uwe. You have gone to lengths to get them but worth in the end. As a lover of landscape and nature, I love the places you adventured to and captured them…

  4. Stay inimvoatfre, San Diego, yeah boy!

  5. i had acne when i was 11, i had it for about 2 years, then i started bodyboarding and getting sunlight and salt water, i hardly ever have a pimple on my face and back and chest anymore

  6. Keep up the excellent piece of work, I read few content on this web site and I think that your weblog is real interesting and holds lots of fantastic information.

  7. Gamle stenciler er meget, meget dekorative, og rigtig fine at pynte med til jul. Nydelige eksemplarer du viser her, Birgitte! Ha' en dejlig december 🙂 Knus; Heidi

  8. Dammit woman, MORE!!!!! I love you millions, and I know ’tis a labour of love… and I wouldn’t yell at GRRM (and he is way, way worse), but dammit, I wanna know what happens /pouts/

  9. Kiitos Iina rutistuksesta ja mikä hauska yhteensattuma 🙂 Kakku on kyllä jokaisen kevätjuhlapöydän koristus ja aivan valloittavan raikkaanmakuinen. Tää mun ohje on siis tuunattu MeNaisista, ja ohje on 1,5 kertainen, eli iso juhlakakku, 1x riittäisi perheen viikonloppuherkuksi 🙂

  10. Actually, I think I may have to go with yet another layout (somehow), because different font sizes in text don’t show up in this layout. (Eeek, good luck with the damage assessment!)

  11. That’s the thinking of a creative mind

  12. Liebe Claudia,die Berge sehen hier ja selbst für mich "Meer-Typ" wunderschön aus. Die Bilder illustrieren die Stille, die Du beschreibst. Da kann man ja richtig durchatmen.Grüße vom Flachland,Ariane.

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