May 102014


Taking photos of food can be fun, and lets face it we love to show off to our friends and family where and which restaurant you been and what food you have ate. And most of the time, you only have a phone camera. But like anything, if you haven’t done your photographic home work, no food in the world would look tasty. Here are the tips of how to take a good food photos, even using your phone camera:

– Angle: Food looks good if taken in an over head angle (meaning at top). But other Angles work as well, provided there is no distracted background. So make sure the background is either complete WHITE or complete back. You know make it as simple as possible

– Light source: photography is all about light, therefore find a light source, window light works perfectly. So you are more likely to have a good photo of food during lunch and breakfast rather than Dinner 🙂

– Close up shots: You cant go wrong, the closer the shot, the more interesting the food shot looks

– Colors: Find food that has multiple colors, Salads with tomato and cucumber makes an awesome shots and as well cheese cake with piece of strawberry on top of it. The more color the more astonishing the photo is

– Storyline: Like any other photo, a picture says a 1000 words, so try take photo of food that is in action, or something going on around it. Like a person picking up a spoon or something

Hope this help, if any questions let me know. All these photos were taken using Camera Phone (Nokia 1020), but any phone would work really, just follow the above tips and you wont go wrong









  4 Responses to “Taking good photos of Food using your phone camera”

  1. Those are awesome images, and now you’ve made us REAL hungry!

  2. Salim,
    The food photo looks very nice, thanks for the tips, let me also try…

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