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A zoom burst, or zoom blur, is a fantastic photographic effect which is simple, fun and easy to achieve. It involves zooming in or out while you take a photo, causing the shot to blur from the centre outwards, as if the scene is “bursting” towards you. Below is an example of a Zoom Burst I took of a model in Nakhal Fort.





Following what you need to do:

– Set your Camera in Shutter Priority Mode (S in Nikon, Tv in Canon)

– Set your shutter to a low Value, the lower it is the more visible the effect. It could be anything from 4 seconds to 1/10 of the second.

–  Zoom fully in and focus on your subject

– Now zoom right out to the widest angle you want to capture.

– Press the shutter button and zoom in until the subject fills the frame again. Try to zoom as smoothly as possible, maintaining a constant speed.

And thats it, depending on how low you set your shutter speed, the effect would turn our different.


From Example of the Photo above I used a shutter speed of 1/10 seconds, hence the Burst Effect is not sever . The Below photo used even a slower shutter speed of 1 to 4 seconds and you will notice the Burst effect is very visible. But Mind you at this slower shutter speed you will need a Tripod for perfect effect and to keep the blurred lines straight


Use a tripod or steady yourself to keep the blurred lines straight. Image by Michael Himbeault.




Hope you enjoyed and liked this quick photo tips, let me know your thoughts, your comments are always appreciated

  4 Responses to “How to Take Zoom Burst Photos”

  1. Thank you very much Mr.Salim for the tips and tricks

  2. Thank you so much Salim for an absolutely wonderful tip!

    Mashallah your lessons, tips and techniques are always filled with valuable information, I’ve learned a lot and now I’m looking forward on how to take Zoom Burst Photos 🙂

    Thank you once again.

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