Feb 242015

I have been to Shangri-La Hotel and Spa in Muscat several times, and I thought I have taken all the possible angles of the beach there is. But a photographer always finds a new angle despite the numerous times one visits the same place. And with a little of luck, Amazing sunset, amazing light, this what you end up getting. Advice of the day, always take your camera with you, you never know, your master piece may show up in least expected times and places. let me know what you think of the photo



Canon 5D Mark II@ F9, 1/30, ISO100

(click on picture for high res)

  12 Responses to “Veiny Beach”

  1. That’s an awesome image, Masha Allaah. Question: did you hand hold your camera with those settings?

  2. Really amazing shoot salim and I guess the picture was raw from your Canon 5D and done a bit of edit right ?!

  3. awesome !!!

  4. amazing

  5. WOW! Amazing picture…

  6. Beautiful light of sunset!

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