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Here are the Photos that Qualified for March 2015 Competition So Far. Only Three Out Of these Photos Would Win The Prizes. This Post would be Updated Every Time  a new Qualified Photo is Entered. If your Photo is not here, unfortunately, it means it didn’t qualify.

I would Ask the Qualified Photographers to Comment on What Camera They Used, Setting and The Story Behind The Photos.

Without Further A Due. The Best Photos for March 2015 Thus Far are:

Photographer: Vasanthan Jayaguru Category: Nature & Landscape Photography


Photographer: Binu Mathew Category: Nature & Landscape Photography


Photographer: Ravikumar Kannaiyan Category: Travel & Places Photography


Photographer: sanjoy sengupta Category: Travel & Places Photography


Photographer: Benito Hermis Category: Nature & Landscape Photography





Photographer: Benito Hermis Category: Animals & Wild Life Photography




Photographer: Benito Hermis Category: People Photography





Photographer: Rid Morat Category: Nature & Landscape Photography




Photographer:  Rid Morat Category: People Photography


Photographer: Shantanu Kale Category: Others





Photographer: Dr.Nazreen Banu Category: Nature & Landscape Photography





Photographer: Shumeila Syed Category: Macro Photography




Photographer: Mohamed Arif Category: Travel & Places Photography


Photographer: Uwe Richter Category: Nature & Landscape Photography


Photographer: Uwe Richter Category: Travel & Places Photography


Photographer: Heather Duncan Category: Nature & Landscape Photography


Asma Al Harthy Category: Travel & Places Photography


Photographer: Asma Al Harthy Category: Nature & Landscape Photography


Photographer: julious cristo Category: Other


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  16 Responses to “Qualified Photos (March 2015)”

  1. Camera Used: Fujifilm X-T1

    Fujino Lens XF10-24mmF4 R OIS

    Shooting Mode: Manual

    Aperture: f/5.6

    Shutter Speed: 1/220sec

    Sensitivity: ISO 1250

    Lens Focal Length 10mm

    White Balance: Auto

    This image was taken during my evening walk at Qurum beach, when the sea receded with muddy & dirty foreground.

    My image is all about patience, I love to photograph landscapes in low light, golden hour, blue hour and night time. It allows more creativity and gives ethereal look to many scenes. In low light it is easier to simplify the composition since some elements can remain in shadow and the amazing things that happen well during the sunset and the “magic hour”.

    I love this time because while you don’t get the crazy colors on the clouds, you get an almost blue sky at the top of the frame, I think I captured the blue period quite nicely there….as you can see also nice reflection of the blue color in the foreground.

    Asma Al Harthy

  2. It’s a hill top view from the mountain rises 11.7 km from ground level(Jabel Hafeet) .

    Camera:NIKON D3200
    lens: sigma 70-300mm
    Focal Length: 300 mm
    Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec
    Aperture: f/5.6
    ISO: 100

  3. This shot was taken at an amazing location just outside of Sur with azure blue waters below and rugged cliffs jutting out.

    I climbed into a ruined building on the cliff side to get a better view of the landscape and fell in love with this view.

    Camera: Canon 600D
    Lens: 18-55mm kit
    Shutter speed: 1/800
    Aperture: f/4.5

    Many Thanks,


  4. Camera Used: Fujifilm X-T1

    Fujino Lens XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS

    Shooting Mode: Aperture Priority

    Aperture: f/20

    Shutter Speed: 20sec

    Sensitivity: ISO 200

    Lens Focal Length 18mm

    White Balance: Auto

    NEST NT-6234CK 8 layer carbon fiber tripod

    This image was taken during my visit to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, as I said before I love to photograph landscapes in low light, golden hour, blue hour and night time. It allows more creativity and gives ethereal look to many scenes.

    So shooting at night obviously means there will be less light and therefore slow shutter speeds, anywhere from 1-30 seconds that’s way too slow to shoot hand-held. So I had to attach my camera securely to a tripod to get sharp results and I had to set my camera in manual focus so that will give the best chance of having the whole scene in focus and sharp.

    Asma Al Harthy

  5. Hi Everyone!

    Camera Used: Nikon D5300

    Lens: VR 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G

    Shooting Mode: Auto

    Aperture: f/5.6

    Shutter Speed: 1/60s

    Sensitivity: ISO 900

    Lens Focal Length: 50mm

    White Balance – Auto

    The Black Compass:
    This picture was taken at Muttarah Souq (Corniche). I was having a rough day, and wanted to make myself relaxed and calm, so I took my D5300 and went out for the shoot. Its said that more the pictures you take more the things you come to know about the photography. Salim’s Blog has helped a lot in improvising my photography. This picture makes me feel as if I am back in past when there was no digital photography and film cameras were in use….. I tried keeping that feel as everyone knows Old is Gold. And what better place than Muttarah Souq, which has complete Oman enclosed in it, The tradition the culture and the beautiful Omani antiques and this compass have hold the time in themselves and they show the real direction of the Oman life.

    Photography makes me feel relaxed and encourages me to be best I can. Happy Photographing!!!

  6. Landscape

    CameraCanon EOS REBEL T3i
    Focal Length13mm
    Shutter Speed4 s

    Shot during sunset and the rock formation and pattern along with the clouds was interesting scene.. Wadis in Oman are so beautiful and got lot of photographic opportunities..

  7. Wild Life

    CameraCanon EOS REBEL T3i
    Focal Length403mm
    Shutter Speed1/250 s

    Taken at Jaluni, Arabian Oryx Santuary.. The Oryx shot was the wild one grazing outside the santuary fence. The wild ones are not allowed to enter inside the protected space.. Was able to place the subject Oryx and sunrise in the same frame and along with the fence line diagonal to the frame..

  8. People

    Camera : Canon T3i
    Lens : 50 mm 1.4
    exposure: 1/2000s
    AV priority
    ISO 100

    He was such a friendly and lovely person we met during our trip to Arabian Oryx Santuary.. Was lucky to capture one special moment where he was looking at the lens while just freshening up..

  9. I only recently discovered my love and passion for photography.Being a beginner, I’m constantly looking to grow and improve. And contests such as these are a great way to learn along with such talented photograhers. I thank Mr.Salim for organising this contest and motivating beginners like me.
    This photo was clicked for an Instagram photo contest where the theme was ‘Clocks’.I tried to shoot the hands along with their shadows from many different angles and this seemed to turn out the best.
    Camera – Nikon Coolpix L310
    ISO 80
    Exposure time – 1/100 sec
    Focal length-23mm

    Thanks & regards,

  10. Assalamualaikum and Hi to all who share hobby with me..

    im using my old Canon 550D.

    Two photo chosen by Mr Salim.

    1) Bread Transporter – Two young turkish to deliver fresh bread. Im taken this photo during my Eidul Fitri holiday last year with 1/250sec, f4 and iso400.

    2) Ray of Light – My first time ride hot air ballon in Cappadocia Turkey. Sunrise in the morning about 630-7am. Also using with my old Canon 550D 1/320sec, f7.1 and iso100.

  11. Many thanks for selecting my photo for monthly competition.

    This pic was taken at Marina beach, Chennai India (the second longest beach in the world).The foreground of the pic was not that good however the background of beach view and moon was mesmerizing when i shot during twilight conditions.


    Camera : Nikon 3100 with tripod
    ISO : 800
    Exposure time 1/1000s

  12. This was shot just before sunrise at sun moon lake, Nantou district of Taiwan with Nikon D7000 and Tokina 11-16mm lens, f16, 2sec, ISO100.

  13. This is one of the Beautiful place in France.Its Near to Alps mountains and the place is Grenoble. I took this photo on my iPhone 6

  14. Hello Everyone, “Dangerously Beautiful”

    This one was taken during my birding trip near Al hail beach.I was just rushing towards a birding spot before sunrise,but the moment i saw the sun it clicked in my mind that it is one masterpiece.
    Boats,seagulls made it more beautiful.

    Camera:- Nikon D3300

    Lens:- 70 -300mm

    Focal length :- 300mm

    ISO:- 100

    F stop :- f/16

    Exposure time :- 1/200 sec

  15. Thank you for selecting my photo.
    This was shot during our trip to Misfat Al Abreen,Oman. The exact settings i don’t remember. Camera used Nikon 3100 with tripod.

  16. Thanks for selecting my photo in March month competition.

    This photo is taken at Mutrah Cornish, Oman.

    Camera used – Nikon D5300 and lens 18-200 mm, f7.1 1 sec, ISO 200.

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