Jun 052015


They are certain moments where Parents are just plain proud. That moment was last week when my baby Sarah graduated from Kindergarten and ready to face her educational career :). As a Photographer one need to prepare, In this case, the Graduation theatre was indoor and as well the ceremony was at a distance. Therefore, a lens that can absorb light and at the same time can achieve the distance was a must. My 70-200 2.8 Canon lens was the choice, check out the Photos and as well the Video showcasing the photos I have taken and the Camera & Lens I have used to cover this event. Enjoy and as well always,  your comments are very much appreciated


YouTube Preview Image



IMG_2148 IMG_2160  IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2177 IMG_2181 IMG_2184


  4 Responses to “Sarah Kindergarten Graduation (Muscat International School)”

  1. Congratulation to Sarah beautiful photos Mashallah .. Salim the lens which you used is mazing ..

  2. Whatever lense you used, Salim…..I think credit goes to your beautiful daughter!!!

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