Aug 082015

Dear Students

Thank you for such a wonderful participation and motivation from your Part. I really enjoyed teaching this class a lot and I hope you share the same feeling. Below is your group Photo and I would appreciate if you could comment below of how you find the class, your INPUT is very valuable to me. Thanks




PS/ to save the photo, click on the photo to see the high quality version and right click your mouse to save it

  12 Responses to “Photography Class of 8th August 2015”

  1. Thanks Salim, great sessions. You are a very good teacher and I enjoyed learning the basics of photography. Hope I don’t use auto any more!! David Dennison.

  2. Really i enjoy the class
    It was simple &focus on the basic which we need as a beginner. .
    Thanks salim ..

  3. It is a highly recommendable event:
    – if you want to be more in charge of your camera (instead of an A-mode slave)
    – if you believe that snapping, taking and creating photos is not the same
    – you get answers to all the questions you dare to ask – and
    – you can even find out what a “lady-camera” is.

  4. Very Nicely organised, demystifies photography and elevates the understanding for a novice.
    Thank you Salim!!! feel much more confident now.

  5. Just join the the class, and you’ll benefit. Great instructor and a lot of useful information.
    Thanks Salim

  6. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, before this course I didn’t know anything about DSLR camera, but now I can use. Thanks

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