Aug 042015


Dear All

Please be advised the Photo Editing Class is FULLY BOOKED. There are ONLY TWO seats available for the Photography Crash Class. We Advice that you Attend the Photography Crash Class first, than next month you can enrol for the Photo Editing Class, as we cannot guarantee the Availability of Both Class together Next Month
To Confirm your Seat, please Call Momin on 98173492. Advice which of the Following Class   :
(1) Photography Crash Course (RO 45)
Class Date: Saturday 8th August 2015
Time: 9AM to 5PM (Snacks and Lunch Included)
Arrange to Pay him the Fee and you will receive a Receipt confirming your Seat. Please be Advice there are only 10 seats per Class, We advice you to register your seat as soon as possible. First Come First Served. The Classes are only conducted ONCE A MONTH

Please Bring your camera (battery fully charged), your camera manual. The Camera preferably to be a DSLR or atleast a camera with controls (Shutter, Aperture, ISO)

For more info about the course click link below:
To see what other students say about the class and their experience  please click link below:


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