Feb 042017

Its been a while since I did any street photography. When I found out that I had a business to attend in India, Delhi in particular, I thought this would be an amazing chance. Even though my trip was short, but I got to see fascinating areas. Below are photos of my one day trip to Delhi. Hope you like them


  8 Responses to “My short trip to Delhi India”

  1. Lovely pictures and reminds me of my childhood.
    Great clicks.

  2. Hi Salim, great pics. But luks like, somebody took u around the underdeveloped/old part of new Delhi. Delhi also has wide roads, metro train and fantastic parks,buildings etc.. no offense meant, but photographs of beggars on the street, unclean roads/background all these puts the capital of India in poor light

    • Shankar

      Street photography is all about Authenticity and looking into story telling. It was I who asked to go to these areas and I loved it.

  3. its fantastic and heart touching photos really i loved it

  4. Salaams! Awesome! Miss your photography and photography/camera posts.

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