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My Name is Salim Al-Harthy, Award Winning Professional Photographer from Sultanate of Oman.  Father to four beautiful children, two daughters and two sons, husband to an amazing woman whom without her and her support and guidance, I wont be sitting here writing about this  passion of mine of which several years ago, it started as a hobby and now it turned to a Profession. This website reflects my passion, which is traveling around the world , helping new comers to hone their photography skills and show off my beautiful family and friends with photos that I try very hard to reflect the emotions and feeling that I and the person(s) felt at that very moment in time so that it lasts forever (After all, its all about the memories)

I consider myself a Generalist photographer “if that term even exist!”, basically I like to experiment with everything, Flash Photography, People, Landscape, Wild Life, Streets, the whole Shebang, . Yes I own bunch of cameras and lenses. But I wont bore you with all that, someone very smart said “The best Camera is the one you have it now”, this sentence summarize everything really, its not the camera, its the person behind the camera that makes the photo.! Saying that, every photographer has a certain connection with a certain camera, and mine is the Leica M9. And due to public demands and after several emails I decided to disclose what I own, click here and check out whats inside my camera bag


If you wish to contact me for whatever reason, photography classes, workshops, buying a photo, or you have a special project that you want me to cover or just to chit chat, please fill in the Email form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or Just  sit back and relax and read below comments  and see what fans and readers think about my photography services I provide, and if you ever attended any of my courses and workshop  or just love the photos and the knowledge you obtain from this website, I would appreciate your comments.

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  1. I was going to contact you this evening anyway to thank you for your course today. I really enjoyed it and got so much from it.
    I have just been telling my husband that what I wanted to get from it was a consolidation of my knowledge so far so that I can attend your other courses. You have helped me do that and get over the brick wall I seemed to have been hitting for a while now.

  2. Attended the level 1 course on 31st March. Really Informative and enjoyable . Armed us with the skills and techniques to ” shoot like a pro ” . Looking forward to gain more knowledge from here and shoot more.

  3. I enjoyed the course and found it interesting and gave me food for thought with my photography.

  4. The course was wholeheartedly amazing and beneficial. I’ve been owning a DSLR for like 2 years but didn’t understand the basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO as like in the workshop. Indeed, the course was so much educating.

  5. Salim – would like to say the course was fantastic !!!! Never expected to get that much information and knowledge in 1 day. Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested – and great that it was held on a Friday.

  6. I think the course was great and as I heard, it gave a lot of motivation for the ones who had been slightly lazy lately with making photos

  7. The Photography course was truly an amazing experience and I’m very impressed by Salim’s creativity and his ability to teach the subject in a simple but very effective way. He is indeed a gifted photographer and a noble teacher. Arrangements in the Safeer hotel were marvelous and the facilities provided (such as food , refreshments etc) were fantastic.

    I would recommend any amateur to attend this course and acquire the basic but truly essential photographic knowledge from Salim the greatest photographer of our time.

    My hats off to you Salim .Pls keep up your good work and let us know your upcoming programme so that we can attend to them as well.

  8. Salim loves photography and is self-taught, which is why everyone – beginner or professional – can benefit from taking his classes. His passion comes through, and he’s very open and honest while answering questions. He even tells you about the mistakes he’s made while growing as a photographer so that you may avoid them. Salim is a very excitable teacher, and his sessions are professional yet relaxed and full of laughs even. I wish he’d teach photography full-time! 🙂

  9. I cannot believe how the quality of my photo “making” has improved fantastically in one day. The course is balanced between fun and learning.
    In the past I have read a lot about photography but it was ONLY after the course today I was very c…onfident playing with all the manual sittings in my camera. I feel like I have rediscovered photography and it is very thrilling.
    I am very glad I attended this course. Salim has a way of simplifying everything.
    If I was ever to become a great photographer someday ;-), I will always look back at this today as my real starting point in the fascinating world of photography. THANK YOU SALIM!

  10. The course was compact, material was well composed, presentation was short and sleek, discussion was knowledge sharing and at end of the day you realize that it’s not the camera but the man behind it which matters the most. For me, it was more to see, listen and understand a person who manages his highly challenging professional life and still nurtures his passion which has started paying him back even. Also pleased to meet so many hobby photographers around Muscat who are keen to shoot in a better way. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thanks to Salim for his lovely hospitality and all others for being so wonderful participants.

  11. عندم يتكلم الناس عن كورس او تدريب يتبادر الى ذهنك قاعة محاضرات ومحاضر صارم وملل وتثاؤب طول الوقت ,لكن مع سالم الحارثى وكورس التصوير الامر مختلف فتح لنا بيته الانيق وجعلنا نشعر كأفراد الأسرة وطوقنا بالكرم العمانى المعروف غير المعلومات والمعرفة التى نهلناها منه فلن تعود بعد اليوم مصطلحات سرعة الغالق وفتحة العدسة تبدو لنا كا تبدو كالطلاسم ولن تعود صورنا بعد اليوم كما كانت من قبل شكرا لك ايها الفنان على
    ]اتاحة الفرصة لنا وشكرا على ما تعلمناه وشكرا للزملاء فى المجموعة على الصحبة الطيبة وهذه دعوة للجميع التحقوا اليوم قبل الغد
    It was really a wonderful day ,I enjoyed too much learning many new things which were to me like a mystery I am sure my pictures will look different ,and i hope i could do the editing course, thank you for your warm welcoming and sharing your personal experience with us which is really interesting and unique.

  12. salim.
    the course was very informative and great experience too. details explained and examples given were very great. sharing your personal experience with us was an added advantage and helped us to gain your vast knowledge shared.
    i would like to thank you for the lovely experience you shared with us in the class.
    you a truly an amazing person, in person. being at your position and having the passion for photography + sharing your knowledge with amateurs + giving us your time at your own home…….i must say its amazing.
    i have not known many people who share their skills, but you are unique.

    i believe in sharing knowledge and give a chance to all who cannot get it.
    knowledge not shared is a waste. it needs to pass on. move on. so that some can make use of it.

    people may copy your style / technique, but they just cant be YOU. every one is different .

    all the best and keep up the good work.


  13. Dear Salim,
    Thanks for sharing your master strokes with us. The pictures speak for themselves. Finally the feeling of being satisfied, confident and more comfortable with the camera rest within me.

    You are the most calm, extremely motivating and ever helpful mentor I’ve come across. The knowledge, experience and one on one coaching I received is absolutely in comparable to the time, effort and money I would have otherwise invested to reach this level. Please continue to take some time off to spend with us and many more beginners to understand and develop this common passion for photography.

    Thank you very much for being the wonderful person your are.

    For those of you who have spent time reading this pick up your phone and book a seat now!! Good things never last forever.

    Click! Click!


  14. It was truly an amazing another day and a great learning experience. Thank you Salim for making it happen. It was a great opportunity for me to be associated with the bath 5th October, 2013. The knowledge you have shared with us was simply brilliant, extra ordinary and valuable. The active participation by each of our fellow members made it more worthwhile. I supposed to travel on 4th October but I waited to complete the workshop. I am delighted that I’ve made it. You are a genius and I feel proud to have learned from you. My sincere gratitude and best wishes to you Salim. I am interested shall look forward to attend more fieldtrip with you in near future.

  15. […] © Images/Photos may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of salimphoto.com or Salim Al-Harthy. Should you wish to discuss about the photos, you can contact us here. […]

  16. […] © Images/Photos may not be copied, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of salimphoto.com or Salim Al-Harthy. Should you wish to discuss about the photos, you can contact us here. […]

  17. A Must Class for all who want to taste the flavour of what True Photography is all about…and what wonders your mind and fingers can do with the machine in your hand ..no matter what make or model. Salim is a genius at this…Thanks a ton Salim…best wishes Manjot

  18. Ahleen Salim! long time! This is Yahya Al Maawali. Currently in Azerbaijan in Baku. Send me an e-mail please so we can be in contact. I am back to Muscat on Friday, 6th.

  19. maillot arsenal

    Wow, that was fairly exciting. Inspiring, as nicely. Thanks for sharing this kind of inspiring expertise with us. Great website, congrats!

  20. Hii I’m a beginner and I want to know about the studio lights because I bought them and I cant get a good results I need tips please and should I have black or white background and should I connect the wire lights with the camera or let it automatically and my camera is nikon D5200 and the light are 400 Watt

  21. It was by chance I stumbled upon an article on Mr Salim Al Harty, in one of the local Dailies. I visited his work online and came to know he conducts training session for people who want to understand photography and would like to enhance their skills.

    Mr Salim a self-made success story has immense passion towards photography which is easily understood and absorbed in the 07 hours one spends in the class. His training session is well structured and his way of teaching the most technical aspects is simply amazing. He keeps the class simple and devotes enough time for each aspect. The session exceeds ones expectations, since Mr Salim easily associates with the mind of a budding photographers and address their concern.

    I recommend this session to those who wish learn and enjoy photography. I thank and wish him luck.

    Ashvin Suryakant Patil

  22. Hi Salim,

    You are a great teacher! And the class was fun. Thank you for paving our way to the right direction.
    Its the practicality and simplicity of your thoughts amazed me a lot. wow

    I hope others should not hesitate in enrolling this class. In my opinion, attending this class is a way of investing for you to learn and appreciate the art of photography. And probably increase your interest of
    the digital camera that you´re holding right now.

    -see you again-

  23. It was indeed a very informative class with lot of useful tips, ranging from novice to a professional photographer. I was suprised to know that a professional photographer from Dubai is also my batchmate for this class. Earlier i had only the interest in photography without any knowledge on it. Now i know what,where,how to start this wonderful art of Photography.

  24. hi salim,

    It was a memorable day in my life attending your class. The contents were crisp and easy to understand. You are a wonderful teacher. Never thought before I can understand all those intimidating buttons in that damn SLR. Now it looks like a small TOY. I will definitely play with it. Thanks a lot.


  25. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” (Ansel Adams)

    I really enjoyed my time in a small, friendly group on the Salim’s class (6th Dec-2014). His approach is to teach everyone the basics and then encourage you to push your creativity to the limits. After seeing Salim’s pictures at his beautiful home, I admired and understand that he literally lives and breathes on photography and all his pics shows in everything he does!!

    Salim is an excellent presenter and encouraged plenty of interaction about photography!! His course was a good mixture of theory followed by using this into practice (On practice session, I scored 7.5 out of 8 marks). Thank you Mr. Salim, I always appreciate the knowledge and experience that you have helped us to achieve….!

    Saran KPK

    For all……“This class is a gem of a resource & Salim is a gem of a person”

  26. Dear Salim,
    Please advise me how’s Nikon D7100,
    I have been using d3100 since 2010,
    I am passionate about photography and as soon as I buy new cam I will join ur class
    So Pls advise me at the earliest


    Benny babu
    9429 2506

  27. I am interested to enroll in your crash course & photo editing.. I love to take photos since birth! Even when the ‘film’ was still existing! 🙂 But I want to get it right this time….With your expertise, I know you could help me.

    Thank you in advance! 🙂


  28. We will be having an exhibition http://www.muscat-expo.com/itech

    we have a section on photography…please send me your contact i will speak to you.


  29. Hi. Please provide your contact details. I need to join photography clases.

    +968 99356398

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