Feb 042015

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I have open a new section in my “Photo Galleries” menu called “Life Special Moments”. I got this idea from one of my favourite Photographer called Peter, of which I did interview sometime go, you can find the interview here. Peter has an amazing way of Capturing the Magic of his Family’s day to day activities, but he takes his photos in away, it just magical in all sense. Peter Website Tag line is ” Life Little Moments”

Photography is all about capturing the magic, and  99% of us would take photos of our precious families and friends so that we stop the time for ever and every time we see that photo it brings us back instantly to that day. This is what photography is all about. Its not about Cameras and equipment, is always about the story, is those little beautiful moments that makes me love to be a photographer. And you should be the same

Let me know what you think, your comments are always appreciated


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Feb 012015

Thank you for all who participated in the January 2015 Photo Contest. We have received a lot of entries, and several of them got qualified to have a chance to be This Month Top Winners. You Can see all the Qualified Photos by Clicking Here. Without further a Due, the Top Three Winners are:


Third Place Winner (Free Photo Editing Class for One):


Photographer: Sachpreet Singh Category: Nature & Landscape Photography


Click here For the Winning Photos

Jan 242015


Another enjoyable photography session, I would like to thank all the students who attended this class, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and that you learned what you hoped you would gain today. Thank you again


Jan 242015


We conducted the First Photo Editing Class to the Students of Class of 23rd Jan 2015. I must say, I believe the Class went well, and the student learned how to be able to transform their lovely photos to a more natural beautiful look. Following is an example I used to show how to transfer a photo  to a more appealing black and white, and here is the BEFORE and AFTER the Edit. (Click on the Photo for Higher Resolution)

click here to see the Before and After of the Edited Photo


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