Oct 062013
Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105mm, A:4, S:1/50, ISO:2000, FlashHead

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105mm, A:4, S:1/50, ISO:2000, FlashHead


What an Amazing day we had yesterday, a lovely group indeed.  We started off with Photo Editing Class and Ended up at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque snapping away and finding those nice angles.
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Oct 052013


I would like to thank Ashish for being such an active member on this site. And his useful contributions. It was a difficult decision for me to make, as they are were several who deserved this, but after so much contemplation, Ashish won, therefore he got a FREE stay at our Resort Barka Farm in Muscat for himself and his 20 Guest, also I understand he is getting engaged, what beautiful chance to use the FARM for his honey moon.
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Oct 032013

Join The Weekly Challenge and

Win a Free Stay at our Resort Farm in Barka Muscat


The Challenge: Pattern

Anything that is repetitive is always good in the eye, it creates some sort of symphonic Rythem, hence creates an ideal photo composition. And they are everywhere, probably just beside you now, all you need to look and you will find them

Your Challenge this week is to produce me a photo that has pattern as the main theme.
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Sep 282013



What a Wonderful class. I really enjoyed every second of it. You all were fantastic students and hopefully full fledged photographers. Thank you again. I would appreciate if you could let me know how did you think of the class and whether I should improve on anything, your comments are appreciated.



Sep 272013


First of all I would like to thank all those who submitted their photos for this competition. I received over Fifty photos, alot of them are really nice and several of them also didnt qualify as they were not as per the subject in hand i.e. Street Photography. Anyway, at the end I had to choose only five photos.

The Five Photos are below. Please VOTE YOUR TOP THREE Photos, and the photo with the most Votes wins.

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Sep 022013

I just came to know, that the new print of the 11th Grade Islamic book for Oman Government School system has my photo on the cover. Now all the student in Oman in the 11th Grade are inspired by my photo everytime they open their ISlamic book :).

If you have a son or a daughter that is in 11th Grade, please take a clean photo of the book and send it to me. Below was sent to me via Phone Message




And here is the original Photo




Sep 012013


Congratulation to Asma Al-Harthy for being such an active user on salimphoto.com. Asma has won a free one day weekend stay at Barka Resort Farm. Here is an interview with Asma


– Why you love photography?

I love photography because I love the fact that you can capture the beauty of almost anything and capture a image that may not ever capture again. I also love photography because photos create memories.

– Do you own a camera?.

Canon 60D

– Do you Own Lenses?.

EFS 18-200mm & EF 50mm
– How did you find out about Salim Photography?

I knew about Salim photography through website, and I was interested with your tips which is very useful and simple, and ofcourse I saw some of your photos are really wonderful and awesome.
– Have you attended any of Salims Classes or Workshop?. If yes, How did you find the Classes?

Yes I attended your basic classes last year 2012 and I have learn techniques and I really gain more knowledge. It’s really unique experience and in the future I would like to join your workshop.


Below are some of Asma Photographs. If you are interested in winning, please (click  here) and find out how you could be our next Contributor of the month.






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