Digital Photography Class course in Oman Muscat

Photography Crash Course for RO 45 Only


This Class are for beginners and as well for intermediate users and the aim is to make you an advance user.  At the end of this course we aim to have you taking photos in semi-manual modes and as well full manual mode, controlling your depth of field and shutter speed. You will learn all about pixels, resolution, digital and optical zoom, ISO, white balance, focus lock, exposure compensation and be introduced to the uses of different lenses.



Class Agenda:

  •  Introducing the basics of Digital Photography
  • Understanding the main controls and settings of the camera that any photographer need and should master.
  • Discussing in detail the main exposure settings and how they work together in conjunction to come up with perfect exposed photo.
  • In Detail what each exposure terminology (Aperture, Shutter, ISO) means.  AT the same time, the student learns how to operate these main setting with their own camera.
  •  Then the student are asked to demonstrate what they learned, by going out and take some photos using what they learned in the class. They would shoot using Aperture Priority, Shutter priority and what each mode means and when to use them at what occasion.
  • After that a detail discussion into the art of photography and composition is being discussed, and as well showing real life examples and photos of how the great photographers go about composing their photos. Several rules of composition will be shown, giving the student a heads up and tools of how they can go about using them and as well develop their own artistic eyes to come up with their own photography style
  • Finally,  we go into detail of Lens selection, and at what scenario one would need what type of lens. And also discussion the various type of lens and their quality and what makes certain lens better than the other.

Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica 50mm summilux, A:1.4, S:1/1000, ISO:160


Still not convinced see what previous students have to say about the class, Click Here


 Please Note: Lunch & Snacks would be served


To be announced soon


Bashar (Al-Ansab) – Map and Instruction would be sent seperately

How Much:

RO 45 Only

What to bring with you:

Bring your camera (battery fully charged), your camera manual. The Camera preferably to be a DSLR or any  camera with controls (Shutter, Aperture, ISO).

Class Registration:

  • Please Register below and we will inform you, when the class would take place and  how to go about Registering and Paying the FEE and Confirming your seats .

“Please be advised the seats are occupied very fast, a maximum if 10 students per class is permitted, we strongly suggest to register as soon as possible.”


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