Aug 022011


Been a while since i did some of my photo walk. Well, being Ramdan its a bit difficult, for one during the days, I am fasting so no energy there, and during the night, well its night and one need a tripod or continuously on high ISO. But that never stopped me, at the end its always about the photographer and finding the right light for your advantage. I am really enjoying my Leica M9, every day i love it even more, how it handles the low light is just amazing, and not to mention the image rendering is just different. Preivously I would never dare going shooting at night without my tripod. But with the M9 i have more confident and the photos speaks for itself. For those of you who live in Oman, this particular photowalk took place in Muttrah (Qasr Al-Alam) to be specific. All the photos were taken with ISO 800 and aperture wide open, in my case was A=2. And depending of what I needed to do, my shutter would range from anything from 1/30 to 1/90. Hope you like the photos, if anything, or any question let me know.





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