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One of the unique scene one would immediately notice in Istanbul. Is hundred of people fishing on the bridge. Even a tourist can rent a hook and start fishing on it. It seems some sort of passtime tradition. The photo below was taken during BLUE HOUR. As you can see from the left side are bunch of people fishing and on the top left you would see the famous Galata Tower (The Galata Tower – Istanbul (Blue Hour) is a medieval stone tower in the Galata district of Istanbul, Turkey, just to the north of the Golden Horn. One of the city’s most striking landmarks, it is a high, cone-capped cylinder that dominates the skyline and affords a panoramic vista of Old Istanbul and its environs.)


How the photo Was taken:

I wanted the tower to be as clear as and as well to cover as much in the fram, so the only wide  focal length lens I had with me was the Zeiss 21mm, as oppose to the 35mm summicron and the 50mm summilux I carry around. To get the clarity I wanted, I need a high value aperture and being it was a blue hour, I knew the shutter speed at that Aperture would be very low, so I had no choice but to use the TRIPOD. The good thing about the Zeiss lens, it could go upto 22 Aperture value, where the leica lens goes maximum to 16. So I was lucky I had the right lens for the right need.

At 22 Aperture I ended up with a shutter speed of 14 seconds. And as you can see from the photos there several spot lights. With that low shutter, it would suck the light from the spot light so much to a point it would create noise. So I had to make sure I set the camera at Noise reduction and as well use lowers ISO value on the Leica M9, which was the PULL 80 ISO. Finally I touched up the photo with LIGHTROOM 3.0 and this what I got.



IF you have any questions about the photo and more clarification let me know. Hope you like the photo, please take the time to COMMENT and LIKE this topic. So that I can post more photos and more educational technique.




  12 Responses to “Fishing at Galata Bridge (Turkey-Istanbul)”

  1. Anyone has any question about the technique?

  2. Excellent

  3. Hi Salim, very nice photo. I must say your work is great. I have just started learning about photography. I have 2 questions. Did the lightroom make much of a difference to this photo? Can you show a before and after picture and how did you get the people on the lower deck to look blurred. Was this done with the camera? Thanks.

    • Dear Jean,

      Thanks for poping in. Light room is just like any other editing/touchp software. In general all photos comes out from camera a bit dull. One need to touch it up to pop out. So I advice anyone to use a software to touch up their photos. But remember, you need to get the photos setting at the begining right, to be able to touch it up and to look how you saw it in real life. The blurring of the people is because of the low shutter speed (in seconds) I have used to get this exposure. So yes it was done with the camera

  4. Great…………………!

  5. Brilliant click!!!!! 🙂 super like! The noise caused due to spotlights infact appends the beauty of this pic 🙂

  6. Dear Salim,
    Hi.. can you please reconfirm that the shutter speed was set at 14 secs ?

  7. Dear Salim,
    The spot lights are really great addition to the overall esthetics.Great shot indeed.The light shade of sky in left side pulling eyes.Sky is more dark ( which is brilliant) in middle. Is it possibel anyway to make it uniform? Learning from your snaps. Please keep posting.

  8. A very professional and excellent shot.

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