Sep 272013


First of all I would like to thank all those who submitted their photos for this competition. I received over Fifty photos, alot of them are really nice and several of them also didnt qualify as they were not as per the subject in hand i.e. Street Photography. Anyway, at the end I had to choose only five photos.

The Five Photos are below. Please VOTE YOUR TOP THREE Photos, and the photo with the most Votes wins.

The Winner will win a FREE STAY at our Beautiful Resort Farm in Barka Muscat, for him, his family and friends. So please vote carefully and LET the best photo Win.

(1) By Dr Hanif




(2) By Abe Steiginga 600_0837

(3) By Haytham Mohamed




(4)By Satheesh Kumar




(5) By Sudhir Sukumar


Please Cast your Vote in the POLL below. Remember you need to choose your THREE top photos. The Winner will be announced on SUNDAY 29th 7am.




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If you have any questions or comments, please ask below. Comments are always appreciated


  13 Responses to “Oman StreetPhotography Contest (PLEASE VOTE FOR THE WINNER)”

  1. Very creative pictures all of them tell a story which is the whole point of a street photography

  2. Great pictures all of them are breathtaking

  3. all pictures are great..

  4. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Beautiful pictures (3) by haytham

  6. last two photos(4 & 5) depict omani culture …i liked the one with old men having Qahwa and Chatting & joking without any barriers… good one satheesh kumar

  7. Wonderful snaps the forth one is from Nizwa I believe which depicts the culture and hospitality of Oman.
    The fifth shot took me to the wedding procession which I saw many times in this great nation.
    Haytham Mohamed has given a good view of the Grand Mosque & the believers who are going to offer their prayers.

  8. its beautiful to see the aged heroes are enjoying the moments of caring and sharing
    good Mr. satheesh…..and all the other pictures are giving great contribution

  9. All pictures are beautiful…Especially liked the one by Sudhir Sukumar for its vibrant colours and great composition.Good job.

  10. Childish innocence of the older generation (# 4). Photographer Mr. Satheesh replenishes the true village repose. Good one. All the best.

  11. Oh, I missed the voting deadline. All the photos are good. Each one a class in itself. You have done a great job shortlisting. My choice is either (4) or (5). 4 is straight from the books of “Street Photography”.

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