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I would like to thank Ashish for being such an active member on this site. And his useful contributions. It was a difficult decision for me to make, as they are were several who deserved this, but after so much contemplation, Ashish won, therefore he got a FREE stay at our Resort Barka Farm in Muscat for himself and his 20 Guest, also I understand he is getting engaged, what beautiful chance to use the FARM for his honey moon.

1) Why you love photography?

Photography is an art according to me. An art that looks very simple to the eye and yet one which is so complex and challenging in it’s making. A good picture can capture a viewer’s attention instantly and speaks a thousand words which is very fascinating indeed. Be it capturing moods and emotions of people in everyday real life situations or even clicking the wonderful natural landscapes and the wildlife, a good photograph really makes for interesting viewing and makes me think about the situation and the challenges that could have possibly been faced by the person who set out to capture that particular picture and despite all the challenges made the picture look so simple in it’s appeal as if it were an effortless task in the first place. This is what initially attracted me towards photography. Of course my fascination has always been wildlife photography and magazines like National Geographic have always been a source of keen inspiration. Off late though over the last couple of years, my interests have titled more towards Street Photography and capturing people in their myriad emotions. Some of the photographers who have inspired me greatly to take up this art form more seriously apart from yourself of course are Hari Menon (harimenonphotography.com) and Jared Polin (froknowsphoto.com).


2) Do you own a camera?. If yes Which One?

I do own a camera and like I said earlier since this was a fascination which I decided to pursue seriously off late, I brought myself my first Professional DSLR camera which is a Nikon D3200. The decision was made after intense research online and since I was starting off, I needed a camera which didn’t involve too much complexities in it’s operations and at the same time could help me capture images of brilliant quality. Obviously for this I did not rely on the kit lens that was provided with the camera and have not used it till date. When I was researching online about lenses, I realized about the limitations that one faces using a kit lens and hence my initial two options were between the 35mm and 50mm lenses. Finally I decided to go in for the NIKOR 50mm 1.8g lens which I feel is a great lens to start off for street photography as well as for portrait images to be captured indoors. Being a Nikon fan since my younger days, my brand loyalty has been more towards Nikon than Canon. That’s how I ended up with my first DSLR.



3) How did you find out about Salim Photography?

I came across Salim Photography during my online research. I had heard about Salim through some of my friends in Oman who had attended your workshops and were also following you on Facebook. When I researched more, I was indeed impressed and fascinated. Since I wanted to learn more of this wonderful art form and since I made my move to Oman recently, I wanted to get in touch with you for me to enhance my skills and learn more from you. Now I’m truly an ardent fan of your work !


4) Have you attended any of Salims Classes or Workshop?. If yes, How did you find the Classes?

I have only attended the one workshop of yours which was held on 31st August 2013. To me it was an absolutely enriching experience as this was my first photography workshop and that too being held by someone who inspires me greatly in the world of photography made is a very special day indeed. I also need to mention that the session was simply amazing in terms of the levels of one on one interaction that we all were able to have with each other as well as with you. Never for a moment was the discussion boring and being interactive was the biggest advantage as everyone had opportunities to put forward their thoughts which helped the others throw more light on and exchange views among each other. Salim for the entire session was the most generous host at his wonderful home. The most brilliant aspect of this workshop was that it simplified the nuances involved with professional photography thanks to the amazing tips and pointers which Salim had to offer which otherwise were so tricky to understand online even after long research hours. Some of the concepts were very easy to understand and relate to through demonstrations and explanations.


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  1. Congratulation Ashish. The photo with the sun and Bird is breathtaking. Very artistic

  2. Congrats Ashish!!! Brilliant images…

  3. Mabrook Br. Ashish! and Mabrook on your engagement! I really like your photograph of the dog. Br. Salim was just telling us about perspective, and your image is a great example of it.

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