Oct 272013


Another wonderful class. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed myself today, and I hope you too had a good time. Remember, now you are not in position to TAKE photos, you are all are Photo Makers. Thank you again. Below are some of the photos I have taken, hope you like them. And your comments and remarks  are appreciated.










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  12 Responses to “Class of 26th Oct 2013, Thank you!”

  1. Beautiful photos.
    I wish all the best to the 26th Oct group.

  2. I loved us…. it was a great experience that we had.. we learn the beuty of being photographer..it’s a life tale….
    we wish to attend teh 2nd

    • I am happy you enjoyed the course Nada. Really it was my pleasure to share the knowledge and experience. Looking forward to see you on the next Photo Editing and field trip workshop

  3. nice one

  4. Thanks, Mr. Salim for Transforming me to a Photo Maker.
    I would never have realized the technical details and Art behind a Photograph, if I would not had attended the Session.

    Thanks again for the great class.

  5. Hi
    I have enjoyed the course and I am very glad to meet you. I believe that practice make perfect. So now we knew the basic, we have to utilize it in our photo. Thank you Salim and I wish to see you soon again in photo editing course. My regards for all.
    Kamla ALqasmi

  6. Hello Salim
    I,too would like to extend my gratitude, for educating us about the technical aspects of photography.Indeed, I truly appreciate your well planned conducted crash course.I too ,am of the opinion that, without PASSION & MOTIVATION one cannot purse or give life to one’s dream……
    I am truly spell bound at that photo of the bee and the pollen grains.I look foward to the photo editing class.
    I would like to wholeheartedly wish you on your birthday-A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! many blessings of joy, love,good health,prosperity,wisdom…..Have a wonderful enjoyable time.God bless-Elaine & my fly

    • Thanks Elaine, totally I agree with every word. As I said, I gave you the Car License, but if you want to be a Formula One Driver you need to practice. Practice makes perfect

  7. Dear Salim,

    Thank you for the wonderful session we had on 26th Oct 2013, it was such a great experience to understand the nuances of clicking great pictures and coming to know of the techniques and enhancing our skills.

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