Oct 032013
Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica 50mm Summilux, A:1.4, S:1/3000, ISO:160

Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica 50mm Summilux, A:1.4, S:1/3000, ISO:160

I love this photo, I know there is a Story behind it somewhere. I am seriously struggling to come up with a title. Can you please help, I need a good title for this?.


  31 Responses to “Down The Memory Lane”

  1. Gone with the Destiny

  2. Unknown

    • LOL, very creative Jai. But its not exactly what I am looking for. Something to intrigue the viewer and relates to the overall theme of the photo

  3. Surprise unfolds at this turn………….

  4. Discovering History or Looking For Clues

  5. each step brings you closer to the end of the
    journey….so that a new journey can begin.
    This the Journey of Life.

  6. A Walk Down Memory Lane

  7. Heading Home or Peaceful Descend



  10. Stairway to oblivion?

  11. Thanks all, I like Tanweer Title the most “Down The Memory Lane”. I will change it now. Thanks again

  12. River on Staircase

    Explanation : A woman is like a river by all means – she gives birth, life, cares for, nourishes etc. Her blue dress reminds me the Ganges in India and the Nile from Egypt. So the caption! See if it helps u.

  13. Nice, Goo luck with the hit

  14. Love that I had to Let go.

  15. Time to step down…but I have promises to keep….

  16. unknown steps
    unwanted destiny

  17. need to go back sometimes

  18. No worries.

  19. The odyssey

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