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The Challenge: Depth of Field

Depth of field is simply when your subject is on focus and what ever is around it is out of focus or BLURRY.

There are three main elements that help  control depth of field – aperture size, focal length and focus point. In the broadest of terms, a small aperture (such as f/22) will produce a greater depth of field than a wide aperture (such as f/2.8). In the same way, a wide angle lens (such as 28mm) will produce a greater depth of field than a telephoto lens (eg 100mm).

Low Depth of field normally gives some sort of Artistic effect, and depends on the lights and the photographer talent, most of the time you end up with beautiful photo. The Challenge is for you to produce a photo with low depth of field, i.e. with blurry background. Therefore, you need to get close to the subject and reduce your lens aperture to the smallest value
Photo Examples

Notice the Flowers in the background how out of focus they are
Notice the entire background surrounding the boy is out of focus


1) The photo should be new (Not more than three months old- EXIF file will be checked to determine the date photo taken)

2) You need to be a subscriber to this Site to qualify to enter the Challenge (Click Here to Subscribe)

3) Photo should be taken by proper camera, photos taken by mobile, Ipad, Iphone etc not Allowed

4) Only One Photo Per Entry

5) The Challenge ends on Wednesday 30th October 11:30pm and The Winner will be announce Thursday 31st Oct 7am, (All Oman Time +4GMT)

6) Email me your Photo on (salimphoto@icloud.com)



The Winner will get to stay at Our Beautiful Resort Farm in Barka (Muscat) with 7 Guests (Can choose any day of the week except Public holidays and Fridays).

Note: Remember its not about the Prize, its about participation and increase your photo skills. So please Non Omani Residents you are most welcome to participate.



Here I will showcase the best photos submitted for this Challenge, any of the photos below have the chance to Win the Challenge, if you are photos are not listed below, it means that you didn’t qualify and try again and please check regularly to see whether your photos have qualify or not.

(1) By Julie Van Dieren2013-10-16 17.03.45(2) By Antony Navis



(3) By Vijay KIMG_2264


(4) By Anirban BhattacharyaIMG_6419-2


(5) By Nicole SmithIMG_7283


(6) By CybermtiIMG_7464

(7) By Mali



(8) By MadhuMitaMadhumita-DOF


(9) By Rayaan Sheikphoto

(10) Abdul Rahim

Light House


If you have any question related to this photo  Challenge please ask by commenting below. Due to public demands I decided to make these challenges two weeks long, so people can have the time to participate and come up with better photos.

For future Photo Challenge, please subscribe your email below and you will be notified with the latest






  8 Responses to “Photo Challenge (Depth of Field – DeadLine: 31st Oct 2013)”

  1. does it have to be a street phoyography ?

    • NO ofcourse not. It can be anything, any subject, so long you demonstrate me a good BLurry out of focus depth of field. It doesnt even have to be people, it can be flower or anything. Just make it a good one to win

  2. I had clicked few pics during Ganesh festival… Jus a month back.. Can I send that as my entery

  3. Hi Salim…..should the picture be totally unedited straight from the cam?

  4. You could display the entry photos till the last day so that the participants will get some idea…Jus a suggestion…

  5. Actually its a very good idea. I will only post the photos which qualifies or what I call them “Editor’s Choice”. And fron these photos I will choose thr winning one. Thanks mali good idea

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