Nov 222013
Nikon D3S, Nikon 14-24mm, A:8, S:1/250, ISO:100

Nikon D3S, Nikon 14-24mm, A:8, S:1/250, ISO:100

Petra is one place you need to visit before you die. The history there is just amazing and something out of this world. One of the thing you may or would see at Petra is the Monestary. However, getting there is a challenge, its a steep long climb of the the mountain to get there, once you are there, its all worth it. Some are brave would walk, and some would just use a Donkey. Like this photo of my wife on a Donkey. Enjoy




  6 Responses to “Donkey (Jordan, Petra)”

  1. Is it donkey or Bull?
    any how nice photo

  2. My mother went years back, I definitely would love to visit that place inshaAllah. I remember when I first saw it in an Indiana Jones flick, I thought it was just another part of the set, built. I was shocked to know years later that it is an actual place.

  3. Is that a little stool I see in the back for those brave foot travelers?! Anyhow, I like the image, and realize the conditions were very bright. The surrounding rocks provided some “save” because I notice there is detail in the shadow. However, the image is still a tad contrasty. But overall, nice.

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