Nov 062013


One thing about Prague it has alot of bridges, Charles Bridge being the most famous and known one. The other ones are (Čechův Bridge, Legion Bridge, Mánes Bridge, Vyšehrad Railway Bridge Bridge, Jirásek Bridge, Palacký Bridge, Libeň Bridge, Hlávka Bridge, Nusle Bridge). Whenever you go there, make sure you get this angle, its a bit a long walk, but the results its amazing. Again BLUE Hour is the key. Hope you like the photo. Let me know which of the two photos angle you like the most.

Both photos taken with Canon 5D Mark II with 24-105mm L Lens at 105mm Focal Length




  4 Responses to “Prague Bridges (Czech Republic, Prague)”

  1. very nice mashaallah, I wish to be like you in the coming future

  2. I like the second pic. The view along the river is fabulous!!!

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