Dec 042013


I wasnt planning to take photos this time when I was in Dubai. So I just took with me the Leica M9 and my day to day lens the 35mm Summicron, you know just for snaps of family and all. But the view of Shaikh Zaid Road I had in my room was irresistible. So I thought I had to make it do with the camera I had, and I used a chair to stable my camera as I didn’t have a tripod and this what I got, hope you like it



I intentionally reduce my aperture to 4 so that I can get not so slow shutter speed of 3 Second  to capture the cars light trail more clearly as you can see above.





  17 Responses to “View from My hotel Room Window – (Dubai, UAE)”

  1. Absolutely splendid click Salim. Even more fab since the tripod wasn’t available !

  2. Look like some animated pic

  3. Look like some animated pic


  4. Incredible one. Just wanted to know the ISO , & Shutter Speed.

    • Thanks mohana. As I said above my aperture was 4. I intentionally dropped it down so that I can get less shutter speed of 3 seconds. With that shutter speed the cars light trail is kuch visibile. Long shutter speed will cause the lighting trail to be less visible. The iso was at lowest around 160.

  5. Amazing.Where in Dubai is it exactly taken from?

  6. Excellent picture Salim…wait to read your reply to the questions already asked, as they are also mine too..

  7. As usual, very nice work from you dear Brother.

  8. Beautiful capture!
    Have you done any post processing?

  9. Wow wonderful blog and good post Salim. please keep posting this type of blogging

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