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Nuwara Eliya definitely was the highlight of the trip. If you ever decide to travel Sri Lanka, visiting and staying a night or two in Nuwara Eliya is must. Its simply mesmerizing. Its a town in the central highlands of Sri Lanka with a picturesque landscape and temperate climate. Its is located at an altitude of 1868m (6128ft) and is considered to be the most important location for Tea production in Sri Lanka.

Nuwara Eliya Shows natural beauty of Sri Lanka and it climate also differs from other area. En Route, you would see Panoramic areas, amazing Waterfalls including the famous Ramboda Falls and ofcourse Tea Plantation and Tea Factor





Ramboda Falls







I would like to thank Mr. Rizmi, who was our guided tour person for six days, who also became a very good friend and brother. Without him most of the photos you see here wouldnt be possible. He is a great example of honesty, friendship and kindness. If you decide to go to Sri Lanka, I strongly suggest to call him, he will arrange you the tour in accordance to your need, in a very competitive price and as well take you to unique places to experience the beauty of Sri Lanka to its fullest. He will be the best companion in your trip in all aspects, and you will come back with amazing photos guaranteed. Call him at +94 729938855 (please tell him that I recommended)” 

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  2 Responses to “Sri Lanka Day Four Part 2 (Nuwara Eliya)”

  1. Salim,
    Thank you for sharing your incredible beautiful photos as always, your tips and techniques really help me to improve my photography, Mashalla all your photos are amazing, beautiful frame as well! honestly,I’m always amazed when i visit this site, i especially like the waterfalls. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • OHH, such a wonderful words Asma. Thank you for being a constant visitor to this site. Its always a joy to see such comments and makes me happy to know there are people who learn and better their photography skills through my photos and tips. Thanks again

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