Jan 022014

Its been a fantastic photographic year for me. Alot of great photos, some even won international awards. Choosing the below top 13 photos was not so easy, but I am confident these are my favorite ones and I hope you agree. Please VOTE FOR YOUR TOP THREE photos, by selecting THREE PHOTOS below. Thanks

(1) Shaikh Zaid Road – UAE



(2) Reflection – OmanL1012486-Edit-Edit


(3) Film Noir – Malaysia



(4) Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Singapore



(5) Sultan Mosque – SingaporeL1010462_HDR


(6) Allah Please Protect my Parents – Singapore



(7) Petronas Twin Towers – MalaysiaL1009820_1_2_tonemapped_latest


(8) Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – OmanL1009585_6_7_tonemapped


(9) Tea Anyone? – Sri LankaIMG_7782


(10) Ramboda Falls – Sri LankaIMG_7738


(11) Parenthood – Sri LankaIMG_6887


(12) Happy Birthday Salim – OmanIMG_6023-Edit


(13) The Beautiful Game – OmanIMG_5785


Please Choose only three Photos below and VOTE . Thanks and appreciate

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  10 Responses to “Top 13 Photos for 2013 (Please Vote)”

  1. your photographs are fantastic.keep on sharing new ones.

  2. Salem I got 6 of you are pic a amazing but you gve me aportunity to choose 3 only its really great wish you all the best.

  3. Hi
    Great pics
    Love it

  4. PERFECT Pictures and loved it….

    Rahamath, Intelex.

  5. Difficult to choose just 3! All are exceptional!
    Wishing you more joy& success this year.

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