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I have traveled a lot of countries,   and I can safely say, that Istanbul or Turkey in General is by far the best place to be as street photographer. A lot of things happening in every corner, coupled with amazing light and weather. It is a combination of the friendly people, the diverse history, the historic architecture, the multicultural heritage, and the golden light. Luckily I am just 3 1/2 Hours away and every time I feel the need to go away for a long weekend, Istanbul always comes to mind. Below are photos taken last year in Istanbul using Leica M9 and as well Fuji X100. Let me know whats your favorite photo and why and let me see if I agree with you?






















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  4 Responses to “Istanbul, A Street Photographers Paradise”

  1. Ah, the little boy in the shadows and the kissing couple … oh my dear Brother, I am just waking up, drinking coffee, and you treat my eyes to images of my country (adopted!). I have been there numerous times, and you are right! I was told before I went the first time that it’s the most visually stimulating place on earth, and man, were they right, especially if you go off the beaten path. There is something to click everywhere you turn your face. I have thousands of images from Istanbul! For the SP, it’s the perfect place to cut your teeth because the people, in general, are so used to tourists, that they just ignore cameras unlike other places in the Middle East. Even the police will stop and pose for you – UNLIKE elsewhere in the ME. If someone doesn’t want their photo taken, they usually just turn their heads. This is my experience, but I am a Muslimah in full garb. Not sure if non Muslims would have the same experience as me as far as the people being comfortable with them, etc. I’m telling you Br. Salim, in a few years, I totally retire from work IA, and I plan to live part-time in Istanbul. So, IA we WILL meet! You give me an idea now: maybe next time I am in Istanbul, IA, I will zip to Oman and take your workshop! What is the general airfare Oman/Ist (US$) roundtrip? Sorry – long comment/questions – too excited 🙂

    • Lol Saffiya, I knew you would loved this post. And trust me, Istanbul is just a Magical Place. Not for SP only, also for any type of photography. Its just an amazing place. I am thinking of going there next week. Oman/IStanbul fare depends on the season. For example, now it cost around 500 Dollars, it could go as low as 400 Dollars and as high as 600 Dollars. For me is very cheap for such a wonderful amazing place

  2. The couple catchig the tram. They are just saying that their life journey starting now. Good shots indeed.

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