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My students would know that to get a quality photos, would depend on two main things: (1) The Sensor and (2) The Lens. The problem is, with phone you would always have a tiny sensor, as for the lens still what can one do in such a small area to work with. Granted the Nokia 1020 has 41 Megapixels, thats a lot, but that doesn’t make the photo better quality, it all means that you can print large size of photos.

So you can appreciate my skepticism when the Nokia Lumia 1020 came to the market and all the rave about it. I just couldnt let the GAS (Gadgets Addiction Syndrome) get the best out of me, but the photos on the net were just to good to ignore.

Hence I just decided to bite the bullet and  buy it.  And all I can say, I am very happy with my decision, now I can claim myself to be a full fledged photographer, I have my camera/phone with me 24/7 and I can never miss a shot.

Ofcourse the normal cameras would always have a use for it, for example, my client would always want top notch quality photos for their service and there I will use my professional camera, but for day to day the Lumia 1020 does amazing job, with its amazing tiny sensors and beautiful Zeiss lens, it just does the job. Tell you what, here are the photos and you be the judge and let me know.?











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  7 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 1020 a Phone or a Camera?”

  1. Wow wow amazing photos I like all of them. Salim now after seen all your photos taken by lumia 1020 I do agree with you that it really does amazing job.

  2. Thank you for amazing photos

  3. Amazing..Mr.Salim..Once again u r proving that its not the instrument, but the person who is behind the lens always.Looks stunning as it is taken by a dslr..By the way..im Rajesh..A Silent viewer and reader of ur blog for the last few months…I need an info..Could u pls tell me that where can i get a Remote shutter release for my canon 600d here in muscat..im in Wadi kabir,Ruwi.Dont know where can i have camera accessories as im new here.

    • Thanks Rajesh for your kind words. For Canon its best to go to their showroom in Al-Araimi complex, hopefully you would get it there, or atleast guided where to get it. Worst comes to worst you would need to buy off the internet

  4. Thx Mr.Salim..

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