Apr 162014


Tuesday morning during my short stay in Salalah I ventured in the morning heat towards a nearby Plantation. I had met these workers a couple of days ago and they had duly invited me to return anytime I wished to walk round this rich, natural fertile land.

Later we spoke and they conveyed to me how much  they sought and dream’t daily a better life and wished I could take them or carve open an opportunity for them in Dubai. These were Pakistani workers employed all hours in the searing heat and paid a pittance about 100 Omani Riyals a month. They were armed with passports ready ready to go at the first attempt. Notice bare footed. Despite my charity they refused to take any money from me and spoke volumes of how honest men can find themselves trapped economically despite being in an environment many would dream of living in such as me.



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  1. We always think the grass is greener on the other side.

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