Apr 172014

in one of the random shoots along side a local vegetable market ,i saw these kids with kite flying paraphernalia in adjoining playground … because of the non-zooming handicap ( or advantage ?) of my 50mm lens,i have to move up really close to them to shoot some pics…but nothing was happening … i mean there was nothing which was appealing to me, kids were little stiff ,body language non-friendly,neither smiles coming nor emotions of cringe ..went on clicking these few without much of keepers ( the photos you don’t delete from all photos you have shot . from the bunch of overexposed,underexposed,hazy or lacking sharpness or non-worthy of retaining on your memory card & post-processing….) was just about to pack up & leave, little dejected & limited by that wonderful evening light waning slowly from the horizon




..A small little girl from adjoining slums dressed in a basic salwaar kurta odhani ( basic indian dressing ) makes a haste entry into the frame uninvited just to be the part of the composition thinking what the hell is going on in here, curiosity written all over her face & a hidden desire to be part of the photo-shoot , I have my focus & metering still on the guys flying the kite…the arrival of hers resulted in an image which low on sharpness & focus but very high on “lively” expressions ..



and within fraction of the second this girl shouted at her neighbourhood & called all her buddies , all were quick to respond and with every shutter release this girl gave poses and expressions like a professional which you can make out in every snap..there is not much of variety in her buddies facial reaction …but “she’stands out for her innocence ,her transformation in every snap & i felt as if i met a free spirit full of joy & life.

Camera Used: Nikon D5100 with 50mm 1.8





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  1. Thank you bro Salim , for featuring my story here , I always look forward to stuff you have for ameteurs like me to hone their skills and look for encouragement from a pro like you & day to day suggestions of small little things we have in our mind and don’t know whom to ask & I just come here on your blog & I have answers for most of them .. Thank you and cheers

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