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Pixel is that small square you see when you Zoom in a Photo (See Photo Below). And Mega stands for a Million. So One Mega Pixel, means a photo contains One Million Pixel. So if you camera is 36 Mega Pixel, that means for every photo you take, that photo has 36 Million Pixel in it.

The Maximum  Size of Photo you  Can Print, depends on your Camera Mega Pixels (MP). The Higher The MP your Camera has, the Bigger the Size the Photo you can print. However, how much size is the question?


02 Pixel

The Higher The Mega Pixel your Camera has, the Bigger the Print you can Make, and to find our the exact dimensions of your Print,, this what you need to do:

–  Make sure your set your Photo Resolution  at 300 Pixel Per Inch (PPI), which is the best quality print you have. You can do that with your computer software when you save your photo, just set the resolution at 300

– The size of the potential print is calculated by taking image width and height and dividing them by the PPI number

– For example, a 12.1 MP resolution image from the Nikon D700 has image dimensions of 4,256 x 2,832.=12,000,000=12.1MP

– Now to Find out the Biggest Phot Size your Can Print, divide the width by the PPI (4246/300) = 14.2″ and Divide the Height by the PPI (2,832/300)= 9.4″

– Hence the Maximum size of your Photo would be 14.2 Inch X 9.4 Inch, which at the Shop or your Printer would give a  Standard Print of approximately 15″x10″


And thats is Really, now do the same with your Camera, Find out what Mega Pixel it has, and using the above Simple Calculation, you will find out the Maximum Size you can print without loosing in the Details. Below is a Table of Different Mega Pixel at its adjacent Print Size




Hope This Tutorial was useful, let me know what did you think about it, and  if you have any questions, let me know, your comments are always appreciated


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