Apr 062015

Finally, I made time to go all the way to the Top of Burj Khalifa. For those who are not aware, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the World, located in Dubai. To get there, one need to get a ticket at Dubai Mall, ticket price varies, but to get all the way to the very top (level 148-555 meters), you would need to get the RO 30 Rials Ticket

Before getting to Level 148, you would need to go through level 125, At 456 meters above the ground, offers you a spacious deck to enjoy the stunning 360-degree view of the city. Than take another elevator all the way to Level 148, At 555 meters, you can now access the world’s highest outdoor observation deck and enjoy the breathtaking views as your bask in the luxury of the VIP lounges.

And you must all be wondering, where are the photos, well I won’t be me, if I have taken the opportunity. Check out the photos and your opinion is always appreciated.

PS/ Click on Images for high resolution, all photos taken using Canon 5D Mark II with 17-40mm Lens

Canon EOS 5D Mark II015


Canon EOS 5D Mark II021


Canon EOS 5D Mark II025


Canon EOS 5D Mark II035


Canon EOS 5D Mark II036

  9 Responses to “At The Top of the World (Burj Khalifa)”

  1. Hope you all liked the photos, let me know your thoughts, and if you have any questions of the setting please do ask

  2. Mashallah Very very stunning beautiful photos. WOW

  3. Truly Amazing!!

  4. Very nice .. did you used a tripod or is it hand held?

  5. Waaaaw stunning pictures! well done

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