Aug 072015

I would like to thank the Photo Editing Class today for being such a sport. Hope you enjoyed the class. Below is your class group photo which edited together in color and black and white. Thanks. I would  appreciate your comment input and how did you find the class, thanks

PS/ click on the photo for high resolution and right click on it to save it








  6 Responses to “Photo Editing Class (7th August 2015)”

  1. Hi Salim, I tried importing my photos directly from my nikon camera to the new catalogue I created in Lightroom. They were all imported as jpeg instead of raw. Do I need to change some settings on my camera?

  2. Dear Salim,

    It was short class for editing but the best informative course.. I edited few photos which was wonderful !!! Thanks a lot

  3. When I saw the lightroom’s menus the first time , it was confusing and difficult to use. But after attending the course, many things became easier. You just need to keep on practicing.
    Thank you Salim.

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