Mar 262016


Another successful and Amazing class. Thank you for being such a wonderful students and I hope you all learned something today. Let me know how you found the class, by commenting below. Thank you again


  8 Responses to “Class of March 25th & 26th, Thank You”

  1. Amazing Classes. All the material was clear and useful. Also classes were very amused and interactive. Thanks Salim to share your photography experience and all the the tips to get a “Wow Photo”.

  2. Hi Salim, I came from Salalah only to attend your class. You made the class very lively by ensuring everyone participated. The matter was crisp and clear ! The photo editing session too was very informative and useful. Thank you !

    • Dear Reggie, thank you very much for taking the time to come all away from Salah. This tells me you have a passion for photography, all you need to do is hone your skills and you will get there. Thanks

  3. You delivered an excellent crash course! Not only did I learn much about the technicalities behind capturing awe-inspiring photos, I also learnt enough to understand the tips I get from photographers I meet.

    At the moment, I have just got back from the Royal Opera House with a fellow Malaysian photographer, a mutual friend of mine who was kind enough to help me take amazing photos at blue hour, as well as give me additional tips. I can only hope now that I won’t spend more than 30 minutes editing the results.

    Without your class, my camera would otherwise spend its lifetime collecting dust on my desk. Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much Mr. Salim for the wonderful photography session you took up!! I must say it was so informative and you have such a dynamic and energetic nature to make the class so interesting, that we learn all that is required to go ahead into our passion for photography!! You were simply awesome!

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