Aug 292013


Street photography is a type of documentary photography that features people in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other settings.


– The photo should be anything about street photography, as define above

– One Photo Per Person

– The contest only for those who resides in Oman

– The photo should be somewhere in Oman (please mention the location)

– Photo Submission ends on 27th September, winner will be announce 28th


The winning photo will get a (A Free stay together with his 15 Guests at My Resort/Farm in Barka Muscat during weekend Saturday – Click here for more info about the Farm)

Please email me the photos at (


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Aug 252013

Finally, I had the time to work on my travel book. I started off with Salzburg Austria. This would be the first series of many to come. I like to call the series “Photogenic Places”. Hence each place I visited and hopefully would visit would hold the same title followed by the country.

The book I just published called “Photogenic Places: Salzburg Austria”. This book showcases some of  my best photos in Salzburg  of Austria. Each photo has a brief description where it was taken, how and the camera type and settings. Hence I believe it would be beneficial for photographers and/or Touris alike and anyone who wishes to discover these amazing cities. I have also included our personal photos, I believe connecting to us in personal level makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Click on the Video below and browse through the page. Let me know if you like it and please feel free to buy some copies 🙂


Buy Copy(s) of the Book, Click Here


Aug 252013

Today we had the first workshop at the Muscat Grand Mosque. And i believe it went very well. The candidates arrived at my place around 3PM. We had a quick presentation on basic of photography, I quickly went through the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter and Aperture) and how the relate each other and what they do.

Than we discuss the software Lightroom and how one can go about editing their photo using this powerful software. AT around five oclock, we all were set to go to the Mosque, we hoped into my car, everyone brought their Cameras and Tripod. We arrived at the mosque around 5:15pm, we scouted the area, and every candidate chose their angle and claimed their spot. They all set the camera, I was there guiding them the correct settings and composition. Once around the blue hour time, they start taking photos.

We were done around 7:00pm, we than all went back to my place, download their RAW photos, and individually we edited the photo using Lightroom and at the same time showing them how lightroom works again and the various ways and means of using it to bring the photos back to life. Once all the photos were touched up to their liking. The candidates went ahead and had snacks while I went and print the photos using my professional printer (Canon Pro 9500) and printed their photo (Size: 10×8″)

And thats it, below are the results.

Aperture: 13, Shutter: 15sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 10mm
Camera: Canon 50D
Photo Taken By Nigel


Aperture: 18, Shutter: 20sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 18mm
Camera: Canon 550D
Photo Taken By: Amit Malhotra


Aperture: 16, Shutter: 10sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 20mm
Camera: Canon 550D
Photo Taken By: Mohamed Al-Siyabi


Aperture: 18, Shutter: 20sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 23mm
Camera: Canon 1100D
Photo Taken By: Alex





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Jul 022013

Couple of Month ago, National Bank of Oman, one of the leading Banks in the country have purchased two of my Omani culture related photos for the opening of their Islamic banking department. One of the photo in question is shown below (Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque)


Feb 182013



Nine Members in the Family, with a Total income of RO 150 (390 USD), of which Half of it goes to Bank Loan,  and around RO30 (90 USD) goes to Utilities, leaving them with a mere RO 50 (180 USD) to live with. Is that even Possible????. This is the case of a Wonderful Woman called Um Idris. The Husband Abu Idris retired recently, at which their lives change to worst, I would say Rock Bottom.

They Live in a House located in Wadi Kabir, of which it belongs to Um Idris Family inheritances, her share its a mere Two bedroom and Two toilets. Creatively, to make it into a liveable home, she turned One bedroom into a Sitting room and turned One Toilet to A Kitchen. Sadly though, we couldnt distinguish which room is which, you would notice a Cooker in the middle of a sitting room, and some cooking pans inside a toilet!

Her kids consists of Three boys and Five Girls, of which the eldest being the Girl and she is married and living with her husband, in more or less the same poor condition. Idris is her eldest son, who just turned 18, sadly though, he failed his high school, and such situation who can blame him, and now he is looking for a job. He was their hope, but when only things could be better, it became worst



Bedroom Where all the Members of The Family sleep in



Refrigerator in the Middle of a Sitting Room



Bedroom Where all the Members of The Family sleep in


This is Kitchen, which used to be a Toilet. A very small toilet



Entrance to the Kitchen



Cooker in the Middle of a Sitting Room



Take the time my dear readers and visitors. Take the time to help this very poor family, let us not just sit and enjoy while people like Um Idris and Her family suffers.

You can call Um IDris  Directly at (92542053) so you can offer your helping hand. Or Call the group (“Way to Firdos” at 99321332 for how you can help us on our cause)

Dec 272011

So I attended the ceremonial opening of the 18th Annual Photography exhibition yesterday that took place at the Oman Society of Fine Art. Basically, every year photographers participate in this competition and hoping thier work would be recognized and some even win. This year, the photos were to be either in Open Theme where anything goes or the people lives black and white theme. Each photographers were allowed to submit four photos for each theme. I for one submitted four photos in the black and white theme.

I know, I know I should have submitted the open theme as well, but I was lazy to tell you the truth and it was last minute participation. Anyway the four below photos are the ones I have submitted


1) Daily Life at Interamours-Philippines

(2) Tri-Workers


(3) A Lady at Work



(4) Construction Workers


Now, there were 950 photos submitted for this  competition of which only 160 photos been accepted to be exhibited at the Exhibition. Dont ask me what criteria they have chosen and quite frankly it doesnt matter. To me, photo is a personal taste, its very subjective and if you put two judges together no one of them would agree on what makes a photo much appealing to another. Neverthless, a beautiful photo is a beautiful photo and it can be spotted miles away. To me all the above photos are very beautiful, but what makes it winning the top prizes is anyone guest. I did win alot of prizes before and some I believe I didn’t deserve it as they were much better photos in my opinion.

To make the story short, the judges decided that Photo number three (Lady at Work) is the photo worthy to be exhibited?.

Let me ask you this. Do you agree, do you consider the third photo is the best among the four?. Let me know what is your opinion and what photo you prefer the most?


Sep 232011

Hi All,

So today we had our first very successful workshop at Said Bin Timur Mosque location. The agenda was spot on and then some. We all arrived at StartBucks in Madinat Qaboos around 4:30pm. Of which we took the time to setup the cameras, making sure all the main settings are all correct. Than we dewelled a little bit into the art of Photo Editing using Light Room software. The student appreciated the quick photo editing tutorial which i believe now they have the capabilities of making their photos pop out and much better pleasing to the eye. The plan was to have fives students, however only three of them showed up, which I think it was probably for the best, as I had more time to concentrate on them and to teach them what they needed to come up with their own masterpieces. So thanks to ( Irena Bielicka, Sue Churchman and  Krishna Gopal).





Around 5:30, we all head up to the location, of which we used the time to scout the scene, choose a good angle and composition for the mosque, and set the camera on the tripod and the right settings. And we just waited and chilled until the blue hour came, which was around 6:30 pm.



Finally the Blue hour came and the student were set to go. Once they were done, we all left and went back to Starbucks, of which we checked each and every’s student photo and together we edited them using light room software and below are the results. So thanks to all of you, I had a good time and I hope you too had the same, and I am proud of the photos you came up with, to me they are indeed masterpieces. Congrats and well Done. So if anyone of you are interested in such workshop, register your name now by clicking the here




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